What exactly do I need ??

If you or your children are racing anywhere in the world then you need a front number plate on your/their bike. In the UK you will also need a side plate that attaches to the frame just behind the headtube.
Number plates have been part of BMX racing since its creation in the early 1970's with Bob Haro being at the forefront of design - Bob was famous for his artwork in the magazines back then and went on to create one of the biggest bike brands in BMX history.
Moving on to the modern day there are a large selection of plates available and we are grateful that you have taken the time to visit our website.
If you are in the UK, which we expect most of our visitors to be, there are some simple rules to follow.
What number to use ??
Riders starting out or those not competing at National level should use the last 3 digits of their BC membership number. If you do race at National level then you would use the ranking position you achieved for the previous year.
What colour to use ??
In the UK there are specific colours to use for the class you compete in
Male - Yellow background with Black numbers
Female - Blue background with White numbers
Cruiser (male and female) - Red background with White numbers
Junior Men and Championship Women - Black background with White numbers
Elite Men and Women - White background with Black numbers
Do I need my age on the plate ?? 
If you race at National level you must have your age in the top right hand corner of the plate to help volunteers identify the age group you are racing in 
Design ??
As long as you stick to the rules then the design is up to you. Many clubs have a design that their riders can use but it really is up to you !!